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Established in 1994, Shaifali Steels Limited built its foundation on its core strengths, operating as a CI, SG Iron & Alloyed Iron Foundry. Within a remarkably short time, it ascended to prominence as a key player in ferrous castings, both domestically and internationally. Serving industries including Automotive, Insulator, Compressor, Valves & Pump, it has the capability to produce individual pieces weighing up to 40 MT.
Additionally, it garnered recognition for manufacturing Rolls of Alloy Steel, SG Iron, Indefinite Chill, and Double Poured quality Rolls. Iron rolls find applications in various industries, including Steel rolling mills, Paper and pulp industry, Textile industry, Food processing industry (e.g., milling), Rubber industry, Plastic industry, Printing industry, and Non-ferrous metal rolling industry. These rolls are used for processes such as rolling, flattening, embossing, calendering, and more, depending on the specific requirements of each industry.
Shaifali has a combined production capacity of over 12000 MT, a team strength of over 500 people, and trust of 30 years.

At Shaifali, we don’t just make metal;
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For three decades, Shaifali has led the metal casting industry with innovation and consistency. Our journey is marked by milestones, powered by a strong team and driven by a commitment to excellence. Through global partnerships and tailored solutions, we've earned trust and reliability. But our greatest achievement lies in the relationships we've built – with clients, employees, and community. As we continue to innovate, collaborate, and lead, the best is yet to come for us.
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